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When you build a better driveshaft... word gets around!

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You won't find our exact system anywhere else but at Drive Line Service of NJ.

We've got the know-how. And that means you get the better driveshaft.

We've got the tools and the machines to do the job the right way.


Aluminum Racecar Shafts


Whether it's replacing U-joints, center bearings, end yokes, slip yokes, tubing, or re-pressing and welding tube yokes, stubs, or splines... You can be sure your drive shaft will be rebuilt to perfection and good as new.


With the best selection of drive shaft parts and components you'll find anywhere, we can make you a brand new driveshaft according to your measurements and specifications - aluminum or steel


With proven technique and expert machinist skill, we guarantee that every drive shaft is accurate, solid, and able to perform at the highest level of strain and speed.


You may think a broken or bent drive shaft can't be fixed, but we save you money by repairing or replacing the damaged parts and save the good parts for reuse.


In order to ensure that your driveshaft length is correct, you need to know how to take an accurate measurement.


We can rebuild your driveshaft, replacing anything that's broken, burnt out, or lost. If you need it, we'll build it.


Make sure the trans yoke is BOTTOMED AS FAR AS IT GOES into the transmission to measure. Don't worry about freeplay...we'll take care of that.